Starbucks® SERENA ORGANIC 5OZ Ground 32CS


Starbucks Organic Serena Blend, Ground (5 oz.). Complements citrus, nuts and fruit tarts. Latin America and East Africa growing regions. Medium roast ground coffee. 100% Arabica coffee beans. Certified Organic In 2000, Starbucks set out to create an organic coffee that offered exceptional taste in cup. After a worldwide search for great-tasting beans cultivated using natural farming practices, they found the best in two different regions. And they blend incredibly. Crisp acidity from Latin American coffees enhances the soft, gentle florals in the African coffees for a truly balanced and refreshing sip. The word "serena" in Spanish means clear, bright and unclouded, calm or peaceful. Or, the perfect way to start your morning.

32 - 5oz bags per case

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SKU: 8294854
Brand: Starbucks